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"I wanted to email and thank you for all your hard work on my claim. It has been a very difficult time for myself since my husband passed away. The claim could have been a really hard thing to cope with but the kindness, compassion and efficient way that you work made it a lot easy to cope with. I'm grateful for the support that you've given me and all the hard work you did in getting a very successful outcome. Mesothelioma took a lovely man from his family far too early. But this claim means my husband can rest in peace knowing that his family are financially secure which as you know was all he was concerned about even in the last few days at the hospice. Thank you so much " Thank you
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Bike and Cycle Accidents

Have you been injured as a result of being knocked off or falling off your bike?
Whilst cycling undoubtedly has many health benefits, when involved in a road traffic accident it is more often than not the cyclist that comes off the worst.

We understand that not all bikes are off the shelf If you are a cyclist who has painstakingly custom built your bike then we are able to put you in touch with a specialist bike shop local to you in order that the full cost of a replacement bike is presented to the insurers.
Cycle accidents may involve
  • Accidents caused by hazards in the road such as potholes or missing manhole and drain covers
  • Car drivers that fail to notice the cyclist and turn across their path 
  • Pedestrians crossing the road into the cyclist's pathway
  • Car drivers or lorries opening their vehicle doors into the cyclists pathway
We appreciate the importance of having medical treatment carried out at an early stage and at Festival Law we will do our utmost to ensure that funding is put in place for you to have treatment on a privately funded basis, paid for by the insurers.
If you have any questions after reading this information and would like to discuss your potential claim then please contact us for free no obligation advice. 

You can speak to a qualified solicitor who will be able to advise you as to the compensation you may be entitled to.
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